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This is the first 24/7 52 Blocks news update which will be followed by one every week to discuss the art of 52 blocks, dispel myths and harden the truths.I get a lot of video’s sent to me by people asking me if this or that fighter is using 52 Blocks and from just your eye’s perspective it could look that way.

52 Blocks is the only fighting art that is exclusively defense so when somebody does a defensive posture with their hands or arms it looks like 52 Blocks.This is correct and not correct first yes if they are using a defensive move they are representing the underline core of 52 Blocks but on the other hand there is a flavor unique to 52 Blocks which permeates through it like soul in JAMES BROWN.

This is why some forms done even though using the shapes lacks the spirit of the 52 Block fighter the savvy and almost impenetrable defense that allows him to almost play with his opponent.

That is not a new component to fighting many fighting arts show what we call hot dogging when they begin to take over in a fight, but it’s different when displayed by a 52 Blocks fighter because it looks like he is hot dogging at the beginning of the fight without having even judge his opponents arsenal.

Many fighters stray away from this because if you lose you look bad but this is not the reason the 52 Blocks fighter uses this method. It’s true reason is the hypnotic trance that the 52 Block man tries to put you in like drunk boxing where the fighter is really only to appear drunk to lure his victim in this is the same with 52 Blocks the swagger if I must say is meant to lure and distract from the attack so every attack is like a surprise attack…. SALUTE

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