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There has been a lot of talk recently surrounding the MAYWEATHER vs. CONNOR MCGEREGOR show that has made us all like the type of audience that gathers around the snake oil salesmen. How this got started has now been lost inside the “what if’s” and the fantasy football mind frame. First thing first there is little chance for CONNOR MCGREGOR to beat the greatest boxer on the planet at boxing. If this was a fight where every round they switch back and fourth between boxing and mma rules this might be interesting.
That is not the case what we have here is CONNOR MCGREGOR somehow feeling after winning most of his fights using boxing techniques and skills he can now face off with the man who has been boxing before CONNOR MCGREGOR was fighting at all. He is either incredible stupid or incredible smart I would have to go with the latter. CONNOR MCGREGOR is very smart not only has he got the attention of the greatest fighter on the planet a match against him would be billed as a super fight with CONNOR MCGREGOR standing to get his biggest payday ever.
It would be such a payday that he would never have to fight again mma or boxing, this match has the potential to make more money then MAYWEATHER vs. PACIO. Just imagine the bright lights the star power it would attract big signs reading mma vs. boxing even though it would just be a boxing match this would be the clash everybody on both sides has been secretly waiting for. The what if a mma fighter challenged a boxer, except this fight would be just boxing rules making it a lopsided fight with MAYWEATHER putting on a boxing clinic. This is also good for mayweather who has been retired and with age catching up would have a problem coming back to fight one of the young lions in boxing like a TERRANCE CRAWFORD, DANNY GARCIA, or a ERROL SPENCE JR.
This would be an easy fight for him but as they say every man who laces up has a punchers chance. So what would be the new norm if CONNOR MCGREGOR did win the fight what would be the implications of that win. First it would be one of the biggest upsets ever, secondly CONNOR MCGREGOR would be bumped up the pound for pound title. The biggest effects would be the ones imposed upon boxing with this almost impossible win, boxing the sport would take a major hit.
Even the bookies and everybody who bet for MAYWEATHER (which would be almost everybody), would lose huge amounts of money, MAYWEATHER whole legacy would be at risk. This is small compared to the hit boxing, as the martial art would take. How could it be the sweet science if somebody who couldn’t beat MAYWEATHERS sparring partner defeated one of the best at it? It would be as if boxing was something anybody could do without real dedication and hard work.
The art would lose students who would now be lining up to take lessons at their local MMA School. The manly art of self-defense where use of the fisticuffs was honed over many generations is now null and void. Even if you look at their careers up to now MAYWEATHER has face more dangerous men in his area of fighting then CONNOR has. MAYWEATHER is undefeated CONNOR is not; so the real question is how does a man who lives amongst a kingdom challenges a man who has his own kingdom? (Answer): the people love sideshows and spectacles…SALUTE

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