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There is many reasons why we can be led into an altercation, pride, fear, your girlfriend is with you, having a bad hair day on and on it goes. With all the reasons we will fight there is only one outcome we all want and that is Victory. To eliminate and eradicate our opposition to see his last look as he realizes he has lost and its over.
Sounds wonderful right? But this of course is the fight fantasy that we are all guilty of. Most of the time the fight rarely goes how you have seen it in your head a thousands times over, there are a few things that fantasy fighting never takes into consideration. First stamina in your fantasy when your fighting 10 men using your tiger kung Fu, boxing, wrestling, you never see yourself getting tired or winded. In your mind you fight without the need of air you’re above breathing.
Secondly Adrenalin is a powerful drug, when it hits your blood system if your not familiar with it, you will tighten up and this marvelous drug will work against you. You also never get hit in your fantasy but you are dispensing all of the pain this is a defense because you are to good to be hit where real defensive training is more about you will be hit so you should learn to decrease the amount of punishment.
Your defensive eye is your third eye your superior corollaceous your mister “get the fuck out the way”. In real time your ability to not be hit can save your life for real. Self-preservation over elimination guards the body over kamikaze. Since the brain is also suspended in a jelly like fluid less hits mean clearer thinking. This is why you have to if you already haven’t started to train in the art of 52blocks learn the information to see clear under fire dance dry under the skies of rain. Defense is mercy not every enemy deserves a death sentence. To fight without fighting is the highest art to obtain and we at the school of 52BLOCKS offer this to you and your children.
Our children need the confidence of defense way more then us they are under constant attack from all sides. Their borders are always under siege so giving them the art of defense over the art of ATTACK serves them because they have little to no understanding of the consequence of OFFENSE. This is the same reason police can’t go out and learn how to kill civilian’s techniques, they need subdue and restrain techniques using fatal ones only in high risk situations at least that’s how its suppose to work but that’s an entirely different story. Your defense should serve and protect not break necks.
Taking life is never easy and it shouldn’t be easy unless your Michael Myers, defense will allow you to engaged and give room to escape or allow your opponent to surrender.

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