What is 52 Blocks Boxing?

52 blocks is an Art of Defense, a Martial Art developed in the streets and prisons of the USA. It is a Martial Art that places a heavy focus on defense utilizing blocks, elbow strikes, feints, sound distortion, and many other tactics that play into defense. 

Lyte Burly is one of the most prominent figures of 52 Blocks and has been developing and teaching this system in NYC for well over a decade.

Who is Lyte Burly?

Master Lyte Burly has been practicing various Martial Arts styles with a heavy focus on Boxing for over three decades. He applies his knowledge daily by sparring with practitioners using different styles and backgrounds, one of a few Masters that are always willing to put on the gloves to spar with strangers. He has put in thousands of hours of training and continues to do so.


His students have won local competitions as well as The Golden Gloves.


Here are some of the styles he has practiced: Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, Pa Kua Chang, Wing Chun, Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling.

How Can I Learn 52 Blocks?

Learn 52 Blocks in person

Learn it in person, either via 1 on 1 lessons or at a school in group lessons. Contact Lyte Burly for more information.

Attend 52 Blocks Seminar

If you can't learn in person you have an option of attending one of his seminars. Lyte Burly travels the USA and internationally teaching in seminars the art of 52 Blocks Boxing.

52 Blocks Boxing Online Course

Can't learn it in person and no seminars are scheduled nearby? Not a problem! Lyte Burly now offers an Online Course to learn, and teach 52 Blocks Boxing in your area. Become 52 Blocks Boxing instructor - take his course, pass exams, get certifications!

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