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“Habits cannot be undone as we are born creatures of habit. Moreover, usually our
good or bad habits are what brings us back to where we started.
When I first got started on my martial arts journey, my training habits were pretty
much non-existent. The belief that you can reach excellence with minimal work is
the work of the ego. This is not to say that the ego is a totally evil attribute, but in the
wrong amounts, it can be your undoing.
From the start, I had built habits that would bring me no closer to the truth of the
matter, which was that I had to undo years and years of bad habits. I realized that it
would take me more than two days a week at my local karate gym to start
something, and I learned this lesson at a high cost.
I had been taking karate with a solid teacher. He was not the best, but he was a start.
We trained whenever we had the time to meet up. However, I never trained by
myself, only in class. This was to later be an error that would take me years to fix,
but at the time, I believed that one needed to learn only in class.
As I said before, your success at anything will be affected by your habits. Your
habits are the driving force for it or the lack of it.
You see, habits are formed in the most high where your GOD-like powers are stored
in your super sub conscious. It is here that a habit is formed, whether bad or good,
so it is up to you to plant the seed that will grow and form into functional habits.”


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